Ambiente Stones offers individuals and corporate clients unlimited design options for all manner of commercial and residential areas. We have a wealth of creative ideas for your walls!

You'll be certain to the right product for: decorative fit-outs, shop fitting, shop-in-shop displays, exhibition stand construction, stone walls, natural stone effects, gastronomy establishments, hotel sector, spa resorts, wine cellars, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens, fireplace claddings, garden and patio areas, exterior façades and ceilings. Individual, high-quality and universal 3D wall panels and ceiling claddings in a stone effect and other looks will offer you a unique backdrop for the lifestyle of your choice. We are your knowledgeable partner for all your decorative interior design requirements – our attractive stone-wall decorative wall panels will give your rooms the ambience that you desire.

We offer you tailor-made solutions for stone walls – using either MSD panels or contemporary surfaces, i.e. our 'Akzent' panels. Our aim is to turn your individual ambience dreams and desires into reality. Ambiente Stones offers the perfect eye-catcher and the desired stone effect for every wall. Do you wish to have a stone wall for your living room? Do you want to turn an outside wall into a stone wall? The highly realistic and attractive stone effect of our artificial stone panel allows an attractive stone wall to be created in no time.

New: 'Akzent' wall panels, design modules and 3D wall panels from Duralmond are now also available from us. These 3D panels were manufactured for carpenters, furniture makers, joiners, interior designers and shop fitters. The 'Akzent' panels serve equally as an extension to our product range and to complement our selection of 3D decorative wall panels. Individual, high-quality and universal wall panel solutions will give every room a personal ambience and offer you a unique living space with special fascination.



Clad your walls with artificial-stone wall panels – it's the easiest and quickest way of achieving the look and appearance of a stone wall. We offer you diverse and practically unlimited possibilities for designing walls with an appealing stone effect using the original MSD wall panel. Transform your living space – and turn your dream of an extraordinary Mediterranean oasis in a rocky setting into reality.

Be it modern chic or rustic – all manner and variants of stone-effect styles can be achieved. All it takes is a little careful planning for you to transform your wall surfaces quickly and without much effort. In dining establishments, your guests will be delighted to linger in an ambience characterised by stone. As a shop fitting feature, your products will be presented in their best light by this attention-grabber in the shape of a stone wall. From our forty plus different 3D panel designs, choose the stone-effect pattern that will give your interior spaces the desired ambience of stone.

These wall panels, which are made from GRP to resemble stone, meet the most rigorous quality standards and are also 100% suitable for outdoor use. Our stone-effect MSD wall panels give the appearance of natural stone cladding, with the exception that they are very simple and quick to apply.

'Akzent' wall panels

The 'Akzent' decorative panel allows us to offer you unlimited design possibilities for all commercial property interiors and living spaces. Creative ideas for walls and ceilings!

Give your walls a face-lift with our 3D decorative wall panels from the 'Akzent' wall panel range. Ambiente Stones offers you diverse and practically unlimited possibilities for designing walls with an appealing 3D look with this attractive 3D decorative wall panel.

Allow yourself to simply become inspired by the Flame, Wave, Ribbon, Beach, Curve, Zik Zik, Wild, Dune, Flower, Port Art, Tiles, Forest, Big Dot, Crystal, Canyon, Ozean and Rokoko 'Akzent' wall panel designs.

The three-dimensional surfaces of our 'Akzent' wall panels will endow your walls with vivid contrasts. On exposure to light, intriguing interplays of light and shadow arise that will enrich every room in an appealing way. Wall or furniture elements, sliding doors, room dividers or bed headboards – just a selection of the ways in which you can use the 3D 'Akzent' panel in MDF.

Celosias room dividers

CELOSIAS lattice designs will allow you to create a room within a room – without removing light or impinging on the overall ambience of the room. The lattice modules comprise large-format elements that are used as a room-divider system in interior architecture, interior designs and as external-wall claddings.

Our Duralmond products allow us to offer you unlimited design possibilities for all commercial and office areas. Individual, high-quality and universal Duralmond panel modules and Duralmond Celosias room dividers will offer you a unique sense of spaciousness in a modern office environment.

We are your knowledgeable partner in all aspects of interior design, interior architecture & planning and office design. When it comes to all aspects of office fit-outs and refurbishments, we will give your office spaces the desired ambience and function with our Duralmond products.




We are interior design and interior fit-out specialists. We offer you total solutions from a single supplier. We offer the following services to private and corporate clients:

Total consulting & design service

  • Interior architecture
  • Shop interior concepts
  • Total designs for interior fit-outs or refurbishments
  • Project management
  • Design concepts
  • Material concepts
  • Lighting concepts
  • 3D-visualisations of your project

All trades associated with interior design

  • Painting and plasterwork
  • Wiring and electrical installations
  • Interior joinery and woodwork
  • Drywall construction
  • Flooring installations
  • Demolition work
  • Installation and fitting work
  • Building cleaning